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What is Funky Town? Let’s see what people are saying…

Kay talks about FTKay says: Funky Town rates a solid four and a half stars, so I’m rounding up. This wonderfully weird club is a study in retro oddball scenes. All ages, no joke. You’ll see 21s mingling with the AARP set…. so expect a friendly crowd…they’re pretty tight on the security, so no one’s gonna grope ya on the dance floor)

Music mix is about 80% 70s-era disco, 20% newer pop/dance. No one cares if you can’t quite tear up the dance floor the way you used to before your arthritic knee, so get out there with the rest of the crowd & get down. The place goes nuts when they play “Car Wash” and “Funkytown,” natch. There always seems to be a birthday party with a middle-aged woman in a tiara, or a bachelorette party, taking over the dance cage.

Cover is pretty minimal — $8 at this writing, which is dirt cheap for a no-drink-minimum club — and the drinks are actually HUGE. They serve cocktails in plastic poolside tumblers, rather than those tiny disposable cups. If you can’t have fun here, you need to take the stick out. Get down with your bad self!

Cristi talks about FTCristi says: I loved funky town! It’s definitely a middle aged crowd, which I am totally fine with. It’s a place you can just dance and have fun and not worry about strangers trying to grind on you. It’s mostly women, but the music selection is great! The atmosphere is fun and they have fun drinks and a great waitstaff.   I will definitely return!!

Gina talks about FTGina had this to say: This dance club on the outskirts of KC near Raytown, doesn’t hide what it is–a wonderfully weird establishment. Once inside Funky Town, the energy will lift your spirits. The funky psychedelic decor is pretty spot-on, from the colorful buildings on the wall that dance to the lava lamps on the tables. The dance floor is ginormous and the music is a continuous loop of great dance hits.

If you take Funky Town for exactly what it is, it’s a great place to be.  Just go on the dance floor, have a good time and always participate when they play the song, “Car Wash.” It’s the highlight of the night.

Randy talks about FTRandy says: My wife and I have been looking for a decent place for our age group. We finally hit the Jackpot with Funky Town. The overall ages while we were in there on a Saturday night was around 35 – 60, but there were some younger and some older as well. It was a very diverse crowd. It plays mainly 70/80’s disco, but includes a few classic rock and a very few modern hits as well…thankfully no techno or gangster rap. Sound level is perfect…loud enough to rock you out but you can still hear each other when talking.

There were several buses bringing in party groups. Many of them were dressed in 70/80’s outfits and it is encouraged in the club.  Many people just wore jeans and a decent shirt/t-shirt. No sleeveless for guys, no droopy pants, no gang apparel. They do have a $2.00 coat check which was nice.

We got in at about 9:30 and stayed until 12:30. The dance floor was busy the entire time. The interior is done nicely with a 70/80’s theme and they have little areas set aside to be able to socialize. There were pool tables and an outside patio for smokers. Restrooms were clean. The drinks are larger than normal…almost double in size.  All in all a great place. Everyone seemed to be having an excellent time.

Charolette talks about Funky TownCharolette says: I’m in love with this club! I went with friends a few weeks ago and I gotta say, it’s white trash BEAUTIFUL. It’s definitely my kind of place. It’s a mish mash of different types of people, from young-uns like myself, to people old enough to be my parents. lol. I’ve been back 2 times since my first appearance there, luckily I don’t live far!

I love to dance to good music, from the 70’s and 80’s, not the lame club music of today.

Keep in mind of the dress code, don’t wear ripped jeans up there! Guys can’t wear ball caps or “gangster” attire of any kind. But that’s about it, you don’t have to be super dressed up to go. If you love to dance it’s definitely a good time!

Tracy talks about FTTracy from Reno, NV says: “Let’s go to Funky Town tonight and dance,” suggests Sister-in-Law.

“I’m not a very good dancer,” I reply.

“That’s OK, you don’t have to be a good dancer for Funky Town–it’s more for the people watching”

She was not kidding. This huge retro nightclub caters to, shall we say, a more retro crowd, with party people ranging from barely 21 to senior citizens. The place was packed with all sorts, and the people watching was great. This is the kind of place where everyone has fun with no worries about if they are stylish enough–no velvet rope here! I had a good time.

Jani talks about FTJani from Bellevue, NE says: Our favorite place to get away and dance! We’re out of towners and come once or twice a year… the ambiance (this is the funky car wash shack right out of the 70’s complete with a stairway to heaven to the balcony booths), the GREAT music, big dance floor, video screen with 70’s promo video’s of original artists as the song plays, people watching those of all ages throwing caution to the wind and having a ball getting lost in the music and the dancing.

We always call ahead and reserve a table, the staff is very nice and if you go around Halloween you’ll see amazing skits in costumes. As long as FUNKY TOWN’S doors are still open, we’ll be there! PLEASE stop in to FUNKY TOWN before there are no more vintage discos left.

Mandy talks about FTMandy (who is shy) had this to say: First off, I am a newer resident of KCMO. Since moving here I have been looking for just the right place to put my dancing shoes on. FOUND IT!!  After walking through the door, and seeing neon and black lighting everywhere, and having the first song I heard be a Michael Jackson song I was hooked!

There was such a great age range, and people watching A++ I like that the crowd is a little bit older ’cause I’m not all about that bump and grind stuff.  I danced allll night. It was sooo much fun, the drinks come in GIGANTIC cups and are served as doubles. We all had a blast! Can’t wait to go back next weekend! It’s Michael Jackson!!! LOVEEEEEE Now I have a place that I can take my girls when they visit from MA! So excited!

Leah talks about FTLeah says: Funky Town is HILARIOUS. It is a wildly diverse group of folks and the people watching is second to none. The music is killer (the owner, Woody, DJ’s himself). You will see it all here. A TERRIFIC place to bring a big group of your fun friends.

They occasionally have some of the staff put on a mini stage show for certain songs, and for the song ‘Carwash’ a giant, soap flinging roller brush comes down from the ceiling from above the dance floor. It is probably safe to say you have never been to a place like Funky Town before. See for yourself it’s a good bet that everyone will be talking about it the next day!

Won’t you take me to Funky Town! 


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